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Murder, Inc’s Best Bits

Attention gangster rap enthusiasts and those with a fondness for head bandanas tied around their temples in that 2pac way: recent whispers of a potential Murder Inc reunion may finally have some merit! Only a few months after his prison release, Ja Rule has already been snapped in the studio with Ashanti and after a surprise performance from the pair at a recent concert, many suspect he may celebrate his new found freedom with a Murder Inc reunion! Our nostalgia senses are tingling. Please prepare to revert back to the days of Power Ranger lunch boxes and Connect Four (yes; because it really has been 12 years since ‘Always On Time’). Here’s a few reasons why their return is well overdue:

–  The sexual tension Ja Rule and Ashanti was crazy. Like, more intense than the sexual tension between Simon Cowell and Sinitta. I actually almost felt uncomfortable watching the two of them (but definitely not as uncomfortable as their then spouses must have been. And definitely not as uncomfortable as I am watching Simon Cowell and Sinitta. Yikes.)

–  Hearing ‘It’s Murdaaaa’ at the end of every song was pretty irritating back in the day but when you’ve been without it for over a decade, you kind of want it back.

– You can’t deny it; we’ve all missed that raspy voice of Rule’s. He had the whole I-smoke-and-shout-a-lot-and-rebuff-every-offer-of-a-throat-lozenge thing going on.

–  Ashanti was rocking excessive facial hair in the form of Elvis style sideburns before Cara Delevingne even had eyebrows.

–  And we all know Ashanti went in with her music videos. I mean hello? Foolish mirrored the Goodefellas storyline, withTerrence Howard as Henry! Who even does that? Ashanti, that’s who. They just don’t make em like they used to.

–  With Nelly, Jay Z and Fiddy all ditching them for ‘respectable’ attire maybe, just maybe, Ja Rule will champion the durag renaissance?

–  And who remembers the sub-division of ’50 cent VS the world’, where he took on the whole of Murder, Inc? Will their return spark some good old fashioned hip hop rivalry? Only time (and Twitter most likely) will tell

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