Style Stealer – Moesha

Hey it’s Bernie once again with another style stealer just in time for throwback Thursday.  For this week style stealer we are going to focus in on the tremendous style and fashion influence of the popular TV show Moesha.

The television sitcom began at the start of 1996 and lasted for six seasons before its untimely cancellation in May of 2001. It starred R&B star Brandy Norwood as Moesha Mitchell, a high school student living with her family in South Central Los Angeles.  Throughout the course of the show we saw Moesha, her friends and family grow as well as come face to face with the obstacles and struggles that take place both personally, within the household, and with the outside world.   From touching base on topics like teen pregnancy, race relations, death of a parent and infidelity to the way the creators of the show added in Moesha’s perspective with her voiceovers and her diary entries, audiences – especially young women – were able to follow the main character life and relate to Moesha’s insightful take on the situations she dealt with.  Moesha was a first for UPN and provided the emerging channel with one of their first and most popular shows to appear on the network.


Not only was Moesha one of the shows at the forefront of a growing crop of programming aimed towards teenagers, the hit show represented all that the mid to late 90’s was all about.  Lets be real, from the relationships with her friends Hakeem, Niecy and Kim, as well as the awesome hangout spot, The Den and the notable guest stars at the time (who can forget Usher making his early appearance on the show as Mo’s love interest?) the show uniquely blended in hip hop, poetry and R&B culture into the mix.  Hip Hop and R&B culture also was reflected a lot in the clothes each character wore.  The hit show introduced the world to big fashion trends that gained notoriety during the later half of the 90’s, including the baggy camo pants matched with the oversized camo shirt and bandana (thanks Q), the skinny  backpacks (that usually came in solid colors or floral print), plaid skirts and patterned vests.  At the same time the program also brought to the screen some of the most memorable 90’s hair trends including Niecy’s bob haircut (making a comeback), Kim’s vast scrunchie and clip accessory collection and Moesha’s famous braids.  The show also was a launching pad for some of the most notable designers and brands that defined the late 90’s such as Fubu and Tommy Hilfiger.


Throughout it’s 6 seasons, viewers got to see how much the characters have grown from quirky, fun loving teenagers experiencing their first dates and going to prom, to sophisticated young professionals entering the job force, college and dealing with the pressures of the real world.  The popularity of the show along with their style transformation, and their representation of hip hop, R&B culture and new perspective on teenage life just one of the many reasons why the hit show Moesha has influenced so many millennia’s and is this weeks edition of Style Stealer. Check out the theme song for the hit show below…



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