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Hey, Bernie here with yet another installment of Style Stealer. Keeping up with this week’s theme of the year 1984 we are going to put our attention to one of the flyest shows to come from the small screen. Produced by Michael Mann for NBC, this show put two cops at the forefront of a crime ridden city as they go undercover to catch the bad guys in the heart of mid 80’s Miami Florida.  The show was Miami Vice and was considered the cop show for the MTV generation and it definitely lived up to its name!

The show stars Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett and Phillip Michael Thomas as Ricardo Tubbs, along with Edward James Olmos, Michael Tallbott, Saundra Santiago and Olivia Brown rounding out this incredible and hip for its time cast.  Each week we got to see Crockett, Tubbs and the rest of the Miami Vice crew catch the bad guys. From big time drug dealers, corrupt people of power to adoption baby service smugglers, film directors that cross the line between art and reality and even aliens, the Miami Vice crew kept viewers on the edge of their seats with new and crazy stories every week.


Miami Vice wasn’t only about the plot and the interesting characters. The program set the bar as being one of the most influential shows in terms of 80’s popular culture.  The soundtrack and guest cameos was a who’s who of the musical landscape during that era. Hit songs by artists such as Phil Collins, El DeBarge and Tina Turner being featured in different episodes. Miami Vice also significantly inspired men’s fashion.  The show popularized Italian men’s fashion in the U.S. with the color blocking, linen pants, and T-shirt under the Armani jacket. As a result men were running to stores to find pastel colored shirts to put under their sports jackets & started wearing socks with their loafer shoes.

The women of Miami Vice were also working it, wearing pastel colors that reflected the color scheme and architecture of the Miami scene and brands from legendary designers Kenneth Cole, Gianni Versace, Vittorio Ricci and Hugo Boss. The show also put Ray Bans shades on the map as a popular 80’s accessory.

From the cast and fancy cars to the stunning fashion and incredible soundtrack of music, Miami Vice was the quintessential show that represented all the decedents, luxuriousness as well as grit and cool that the 80’s was all about.  The TV show also blurred the lines between what was considered business professional wear and what was casual. As one of the most culturally influential shows to ever grace television there is no doubt that cultural significance of Miami Vice makes our Style Stealer of the week.

Even Kanye, Tyson & Miguel have taken style inspiration from Miami Vice!

What do you think of the look?

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