Style Stealer – Denise Huxtable

Time for this week’s edition of Style Stealer and this week we are looking into the iconic look of actress Lisa Bonet. During the mid 80s, we were all introduced to fresh-faced Lisa Bonet in her debut role as rebellious and stylish Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Throughout the show we got to see her grow from a high school teenager figuring out her future to young and independent with all the funny moments with Cliff and her guy friends in between.


Lisa Bonets’ fashion in The Cosby Show and on A Different World also made her a fashion icon during the 80’s that influenced style and inspired fashion current fashion trends. Her look was reminiscent of a rock star from the 60’s blended with a lot of afro-centrism, layering, accessorizing and ushered in the style we now know well as bohemian chic (boho- chic).  Her ability to take simple articles of clothing like oversized 80’s sweaters and blazers, jazz it up and take risks by using such accessories such as necklaces, bandanas, hats and sunglasses are what defined her look.  No matter what hairstyle she wore, whether it was her pixie haircut during the first season of The Cosby Show, to the curls and then the dreads by the end of the series, it was always a popular choice.


Her challenge of conventional ways of dressing as well as her rock star attitude and contribution to the introduction of boho-chic is why Lisa Bonet became a style icon of the 80’s.  Both her character Denise and her personal look inspired a lot of the younger generation who constantly watch reruns of The Cosby Show and A Different World for fashion ideas. To get the look, grab yourself a vintage pattern shirt, a denim jacket and a funky hat, then you’re good to go!

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