Jam of the Week – Tracie Spencer

It’s Bernie again back with another edition of Jam of the Week! For the past few weeks we’ve ventured into some of the biggest songs and fashion trends of the 90’s with our music videos, but now it’s time to delve in some of the coolest videos of the 80’s.  This year we are taking it back to the year that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first appeared on TV, while Rain Man and Who Framed Roger Rabbit made big money at the box office and Rick Astley was telling us that he was “Never Gonna Give You Up.”  The year was 1988 and this song gave a young singer by the name of Tracie Spencer her first single on the Billboard charts.


The catchy tune is called Symptoms of True Love and unlike her previous single, ballad Hide and Seek, this song was an up-tempo club/dance track that highlighted Tracie Spencer’s potential to crossover to the pop charts.  While the video maybe simple, what inspired this to be the Jam of the Week is how the video incorporates the work of pop artist extraordinaire Roy Lichtenstein.  Lichtenstein put comic book style art on the map during the 50’s and was the inspiration for this video (among countless other videos and pop culture references).  His work has also found it’s way in fashion as one of the biggest style trends in recent years where comic book style clothing and accessories are growing in popularity among the youth and young adults.  The music video also reflects a couple of late 80’s trends that include acid wash jeans, striped crop tops and converse sneakers.


So how can you get the look?  Start with a cool Educate Elevate T-Shirt that can be combined with acid wash overalls.  You can also go for a striped crop top completed with a white blazer, a leather loose fitting skirt or deck your self with a comic book inspired dress or pants completed with a leather biker cap and converse high tops.


Get the look here.

If you’re feeling inspired then check out our Jam of the Week – Tracie Spencer, Symptoms of True Love below and be sure to come back next week for another installment. Until next time, keep educating and elevating!

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