Jam of The Week: Platonic – Leave You Alone


If you haven’t heard of Platonic yet, where have you been?!

We told you these girls were gonna be the ones to watch over a year ago, but up until now they hadn’t released any music so we couldn’t prove it to you! So we were so excited to hear that the girls had decided to release two exclusive tracks on their SoundCloud as a preview. These songs aren’t official but it gives you a taster of what’s to come. Our favourite is Leave You Alone, but check out both tracks below and let us know what you think!

So who are Platonic? The group consists of Terri-Li, Zanesha and Bell. Terri-Li has strong vocal genes running in her family as she is the baby sister of 90’s trio Cleopatra (style icons back in the day!) Bell is already a well know face in her own right and has done lots of modelling. Her images have been reblogged so many times that one of her personal pictures was actually stolen from her Tumblr and used by a high street brand to sell T-shirts (without permission). Can you believe she didn’t find out until she walked past it in the shop! Zanesha is a trained dancer and amazing choreographer. Her experience includes The Mobo’s, MTV, Flo-Rida and Britain’s Got Talent. It’s safe to say these girls have more talent in their little finger than we have in our whole body! If their faces already look familiar, you might recognise Bell & Terri as they starred in our A/W shoot back in 2012…

We also went along to their first promo shoot in Manchester and a second in London with photographer Calvin Ceile, styled by SYS. The girls are good friends of ours and we wish them all the success in the world – they really do have the whole package. They’ve worked so hard in the past year to refine their craft and if anyone deserves success it’s them! Their look, personal style and of course the delicious blend of their vocals makes them the girl group to watch for 2014. They also are the craziest group of girls you could ever meet, their infectious energy and down to earth persona’s are what we think will make them stand out in the industry. We can’t wait for them to take over the world!

Keep up to date with Platonic on Twitter and if you haven’t already, have a watch of their videos on their Youtubechannel. here’s our favourite!



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