Jam of the Week – Kwamé

It’s time for our Jam of the Week and this week we’re going back to the year 1989.  The year that New Kids on the Block had “The Right Stuff”, the reality show Cops premiered on this emerging channel known as Fox & also the year that a young rapper by the name Kwamé dropped this hip hop jam.

Signed by Herbie Love Bug, who also worked with Kid N’ Play and Salt N’ Pepa, Kwamé put out his first album in 1989.  Our JOTW, the upbeat and funky tune  UGotz 2 Get Down comes from Kwamé‘s debut album Kwame the Boy Genius: Featuring A New Beginning.  The album reached 114 on the Billboard 200 chart and number 13 on the R&B charts.  Like the lyrics and the funky beat of the song the music video is eccentric with colourful background that screamed late 80’s and funky dance moves.  It also introduced audiences and fans of Kwame to his larger then life, out of this world style.

During the 80s and early 90s, Kwame was all about the smooth fashion of the New Jack era that was becoming a big influence on artists and people in terms of music, culture and in the way people dressed by the end of the decade.  This can be seen in the colourful blazers, stand out ties with nice patterns and let’s not forget the fade with the light streak in the middle that he rocks in his videos.  Yet, he was also able to make a fashion statement and take risks by having fun his image.  As a result, he his use of polka dots became signature for “the man we all know and love” and has influenced the current fashion climate as polka dots have become a clothing must have for the summer and fall season.

So how can one get the look? Begin with a cool shirt from Educate Elevate matched with some polka dot shorts and some polka dot suspenders.  You can also mix the casual with the cool with some acid wash jeans, a white polka dot collared shirt completed with a black polka dot tie, suspenders, dress shoes and a red blazer. If you’re feeling inspired then check out our Jam of the Week – Kwame with U Gotz 2 Get Down below and be sure to come back next week for another instalment. Until next time, keep on educating and elevating…yourself!

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