Jam of the Week – Around The Way Girl

LL Cool J – Around The Way Girl

Hey everyone, Bernie is back on the Educate Elevate blog and ready to give you another Jam of the Week.  This week we’re going to take it back to 1990 with this classic tune.  It was the year that Wilson Phillips had their number 1 song with Hold On, Starter jackets were the height of fashion and Twin Peaks brought back coffee and pie to the American lexicon as a tasty desert.  It was also the year that LL Cool J was making his return back to the Hip Hop game and letting people know that he was no one to mess with his album Mama Said Knock You Out.  

While the single Mama Said Knock You Out was a successful hit and an instant classic for the legendary MC, this week’s jam is of the a slower pace. The song Around The Way Girl reached number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached number 1 on the R&B and dance charts. It blended samples of classic songs such as Mary Jane Girl’s All Night Long, Keni Burke’s Risin’ To the Top and Impeach the President by the Honey Drippers. In the song, LL talks about his search for that special girl around the streets of New York City.

While the video has some cool choreography and some amazing shots of the New York City during its pre-gentrified days, it is the fashion that highlights the transformation of LL Cool J as a young MC to a Hip Hop legend and bonfide ladies man.  So how can you get the look of LL in his prime? Start with a funky Educate Elevate Do the Right Thingshirt with some ripped jeans.  Wrap a gold chain around you and top it off with a large brimmed bucket hat. Finish off the look with a denim or varsity jacket that you can graff over with fabric markers. For the ladies, cop a white Educate Elevate cropped shirt along with a dope purple Educate Elevate beanie hat that can be worn with overalls or some funky, retro leggings. Top off the streetwear look with some huge doorknocker earrings and classic Reebok sneakers.

If you’re feeling inspired then check out our Jam of the Week – LL Cool J Around the Way Girl, below and be sure to come back next week for another installment. Don’t forget to check out the streetwear clothing availble on the Educate Elevate website, from tees to sweaters, crop tops to beanies, we have it all! Until next time, remember to keep educating your mind and elevating your grind.

LL Cool J – Around The Way Girl


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