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Our best selling product is for sure our logo beanie hat. A staple piece that can be worn with any outfit, we now stock the beanies in 5 colours, black, grey, burgundy, white and green. We always add more summery tones when the weather gets warmer but these colours are the classics which can be easily styled to update a look. Our beanies have been worn by the likes of Etta Bond, Tanya Lacey, Roxxxan, Tamera Foster, Calvin Demba, to name a few! Priced at just £18, the beanies are a wardrobe must have (especially when you’re living in a cold climate!)

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Educate Elevate Logo Beanie Hats, £18

The 90’s trend of beanie hats made a huge comeback in the past year, with celebs such as Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne reppin’ the look. The fitted hat actually originated in America in the 1900’s, the name “beanie” being derived from the slang at the time – the word “bean” was used as slang for head. In the 1950’s the beanie was worn by college freshmen, and it was also sported by workmen who used it to both keep their heads warm and stop their hair obstructing their work. The beanie still hadn’t hit the big time as a fashion accessory, and it wasn’t until the early 1990’s that it took off as a must have item. It was 90’s guys who picked up the hat and made it a wardrobe staple, but once girls got hooked on the trend it blew up the scene and is now one of the most recognisable 90’s trend, especially from the grunge scene. Since the 90’s, beanies have been on and off the fashion radar, however in more recent years it made a true comeback and just like it’s 90’s sister, leggings, it looks like the beanie hat is here to stay. For us, the true beanie hat connoisseur is Miss Rita Ora, who was known in the London fashion scene way before she released any music, for her street style and for always having a beanie on her head and Jordan’s on her feet. Check out some of the fans of our logo beanies below…

RoxXxan (@rotriplex) reppin’ the black Educate Elevate logo beanie

Tamera Foster (@officialtamera) in her burgundy beanie hat.

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